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Our commitment for a Sustainable Development

We are commited to the preservation of the environment and we care for the improvement of your wellbeing. Thats why the Atlantic Hôtel was the first hotel in Les Sables d'Olonne to obtain the European EcoLabel. Energy savings, a better choice of the cleaning products, the choice to use local products : we do everything we can to limit the impact of our activity on the environment.

The Atlantic Hôtel is commited to follow fundamental principles to optimize the energies' and water's consumptions, and to deal more efficiently with the wastes, thanks to a better control of the products purchased and a specific training of our employees. Finally, informing our clients about our approach is essential to succeed in this project.

The main principles of the European EcoLabel are the following :

  • Put in place a program of continuous improvement, to evaluate and limit the environmental and social impact of our activities
  • Evaluate, control and limit as much as possible the energies’ and water’s consumptions.
  • Use mostly ecological and labelised products, respectuous of the environment during all their life cycle (conception, production, distribution, use, and waste).
  • Systematically buy products with high energetic efficiency.
  • Highlight and develop food products that guarantee an environmental quality and/or a fair payment for the farmer.
  • Buy wholesale to limit the transport and the packaging.
  • Reduce the wastes.
  • Recycle as much as possible.
  • Make sure the staff is correctly informed and trained about the eco- gestures.
  • Inform the clients about the actions put in place in favour of the environment, and about how they can contribute to the energies’ savings.
  • Collaborate and converse with everyone to improve and guarantee the durability of our initiative.